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Hammer Top Real Estate Sign Frames


"Hammer Top" Slide in Style Frame


Alternatives Available The supplier that manufactured our original hammer top frame has, after decades of making our frames, gone out of business. We have found a new vendor that while unwilling to create the frame to our original specifications, does make one that is quite similar. However, it costs a great deal more. We do not stock these frames. We can special order them on a case by case basis.
Strong 3/4" Iron Made from steel angle iron. Frames are powder coated with a durable black finish.
No tools required Frames accept sign panels up to 1/4" thick without the use of tools! Signs simply "slide" in and are held in place by die stamped loops in the angle iron.
Safely hammered into hard ground The legs of the frame extend slightly up beyond the top horizontal bar to allow for hammering the frame into hard ground without damaging the frame.
Fits most car trunks By keeping the sign to no more than 42" in height, we assure that it will fit easily into the trunk of almost any vehicle saving your back seats from dirt and or possible damage from transporting the frames to and from property listings.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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